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This course that we deliver in Auckland is the Lashtique “classic”, the exact core subjects that put us on the map for brow feathering globally! This is not a fast track course.


Immerse yourself in the fundamental education that will provide innovative yet structured industry knowledge and experience in just 3 days. You will learn the essential tools launch a career in Eyebrow Feathering / Microblading.


We cover essential subjects with real life situations – what really happens within a salon offering eyebrow feathering services which we have experienced firsthand since 2009. You will learn how to design the right eyebrow and build essential structure to achieve professional results and achieve longer lasting results.


Furthermore, there will be step by step instruction of the eyebrow feathering procedure, we cover all essential core subjects such as (and not limited to) Health and safety policies and procedures, personal protection, general compliance, skin analysis, pre procedure instructions, general brow design, medications that effect the feathering procedure, contradictions, pigments and aftercare just to get started..


There are prerequisites to this course, you MUST have extensive experience in eyebrow shaping and sculpting that is up to date. We strongly recommend the brow sculpting course is undertaken prior to this course.





Lashtique is once more at the forefront in this ever evolving industry. We are creating the next generation of ELITE Eyebrow Feathering / Microblading Professionals in Auckland, NZ. This course is the Lashtique “masterpiece”.


Experience taking brow feathering professionalism to an elite level & Lashtique can take you there! Our exclusive four day Diploma Eyebrow Microblading / Brow Feathering Training Course in Auckland NZ is certainly the true essence of innovative and comprehensive training on offer in our industry.


Our course will give you complete comprehensive and extensive knowledge of brow feathering process techniques, launching you into a professional career. This 4 day Lashtique diploma will cover and exceed all of our classic core course content and so much more, extended theory, extended practical, advanced techniques and this is what will launch you into a whole new level as a Brow Feathering Professional.


There are no prerequisites to this training as Brow Sculpting is an inclusion of the course. It is suitable for both those new to the industry or already experienced. Our training renowned for being the most comprehensive, including compulsory assessments, in place to ensure the very best results for our students. This Eyebrow Microblading / Brow Feathering training course in Auckland is a full five days and once you have completed this training, you will understand why 4 days is a necessity! 



0424 785 617



HELLO New Zealand!


Meet us in Auckland, New Zealand! Next Courses in 2017.


Our Auckland location, in New Zealand, will be offering International Brow Sculpting & Eyebrow Microblading (brow feathering) Courses like no other. Learn to create the incredible brows of today that everyone yearns for! We are known for our comprehensive training and producing amazing industry professionals, and we promise no less for the NZ! We believe in this, and its simple: What you put in, is what you get out! We go all out... So get ready New Zealand and together lets create ELITE industry professionals.


Brow Sculpting Training never disappoints. Do not underestimate preparation! This course will most definitely test your existing skills and if you do not have prior experience will give you the skills to provide an immaculate Brow Sculpt. It will prepare you for the intensity of Brow Feathering and is a great stepping stone for anybody considering brow tattooing.


Eyebrow Microblading / Brow Feathering is now one of the most sought after treatments worldwide! Learning to master this manual technique will give you the upper hand against competitors not game enough to enter the cosmetic tattoo industry. You’d be surprised how easily most people learn to feather brows and how real each brow looks. Recreate eyebrows from almost nothing, add definition or colour customise! There’s so many possibilities and your future clients will absolutely love you for it!!




One of the fashion capitals of the world is expected to keep up with the trends of today. Where else would be the perfect start to Lashtique international then NZ. Make sure you get a head start and enrol before you miss out! Register your interest today by emailing We cannot wait to hear from you all.



Lashtique courses suit all skillset levels

Lashtique Perth courses and refresher courses are the perfect way to upgrade your existing qualifications. For those of you who wish to explore further career opportunities as well as those of you planning to return to the industry after some time away.

Our beauty courses are focused training agendas that will bring you up to date with the latest trends, techniques and technologies.

Beginners with an interest in beauty can take their very first steps inn the industry and those who have been away for some time can expect a seamless reintroduction to the scene. We will passionately assist you in building your skill set and in refining your areas of interest in order to help you specialise what you enjoy doing.

For more information on how to get started, connect with one of our team members today!


Please contact our Admissions Team

Phone: 61) 0424 785 617


Thanks for submitting!

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Learn to sculpt brows like a pro, this brow sculpting course is available for face to face training and online brow sculpting course.

This course included, brow sculpting, waxing, tinting, powder, ombre, henna & brow lamination. 


This is a one day course (8 hours) available face to face delivery or online.


Lashtique Brow Microblading Course 2020.

4 Day Brow Cosmetic Tattoo Course

Lashtique Professional delivers  our incredible 4 day brow microblading and cosmetic tattoo courses. Machine & Manual technique)

4 days dedicated to the art of brow cosmetic tattooing. 

This course includes 

> Microblading 

> Ombre

> Combination Brows

Lashtique Lash Courses 2020.png



From Classic to volume, hybrid to lash lift and lash tint, we have you covered!

This is a 3 day course (8 hours Per day) available face to face delivery.



One on one Virtual Training Available 6 x 4 hour time blocks. 

14 -17 JUNE 2021
21-23 JUNE 2021
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VT - training banner

Cant make it to our classes? That's cool. We can arrange training directly to you, where ever you are.. Virtual training is ideal for anyone that cant make our traditional face to face classes but wants real life training - not online, the same content and hours are delivered with flexibility. 

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