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Advanced Lash Extension Training Course at Lashtique Professional, Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast

Lash Course Brisbane

Unlock the full potential of your lash extension skills with the Advanced Lash Extension Training Course offered by Lashtique Professional in the scenic Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast. This comprehensive training program is meticulously designed for beauty professionals eager to elevate their lash extension techniques to new heights. With an emphasis on Classic, Hybrid, Volume lashes, and expert Infill techniques, our course is the cornerstone for those looking to master the art and science of lash extensions.

Why Lashtique Professional?

World-Class Instruction: Benefit from over 14 years of international experience as our seasoned instructors guide you through the latest techniques and trends in lash extensions.

Comprehensive Curriculum: Our course covers all aspects of lash extensions, including Classic, Hybrid, Volume, and the crucial skills needed for perfect Infills. We ensure a deep understanding of each technique, application, safety standards, and aftercare.

Hands-On Experience: Gain valuable real-world experience with hands-on training sessions. Our course is designed to build your confidence and skills, allowing you to practice under the supervision of industry experts.

Career Advancement: Completing our Advanced Lash Extension Training Course opens doors to numerous opportunities within the beauty industry. Stand out as a certified professional capable of delivering a wide range of high-demand lash extension services.

Course Highlights

  • Classic Lash Extensions: Master the fundamental skills of applying individual lash extensions for a natural, elegant look.

  • Hybrid Lash Extensions: Learn the art of combining classic and volume techniques for a fuller, more textured lash line.

  • Volume Lash Extensions: Dive deep into advanced methods of creating dense, voluminous lash sets that captivate and enchant.

  • Expert Infill Techniques: Understand the intricacies of lash maintenance, ensuring your clients' extensions remain flawless between full sets.

Ideal Candidates

This course is perfect for:

  • Experienced lash technicians looking to upgrade their skill set.

  • Beauty professionals wanting to specialize in lash extensions.

  • Salon owners seeking to expand their service offerings with advanced lash extension techniques.

  • Career changers - game changers

Join Us in Mooloolaba

Set against the backdrop of the stunning Sunshine Coast, Lashtique Professional provides the perfect setting for an immersive learning experience.


Our Advanced Lash Extension Training Course is not just an educational journey; it's an investment in your career as a beauty professional.

Spaces are limited to ensure personalized attention and optimal learning outcomes. Don't miss this opportunity to become a master lash technician with the skills to offer Classic, Hybrid, Volume lash extensions, and professional Infills.


Register now and take the first step towards distinguishing yourself in the beauty industry with Lashtique Professional.


For registration details and more information, visit our website or contact Lashtique Professional directly. Elevate your lash extension services and become a sought-after professional in the vibrant beauty scene of Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast.

Course details

All Lashtique Professional short courses come with a Certificate of Completion and a transcript of the units you have completed.

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lashtique professional enrolment (1).png

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