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Best Lash Lift and Tinting Training Course at Lashtique Professional, Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast

Unlock the potential of becoming a lash artist with the premier Lash Lift and Tinting Training Course offered by Lashtique Professional in Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast.


This specialized training program is tailored for beauty professionals aiming to master the art of lash lifting and tinting, two of the most popular and revenue-generating services in the beauty industry today.

Why Lashtique Professional?

Internationally Experienced Instructors: Benefit from learning under the guidance of our highly skilled instructors, who bring over 14 years of international experience to the table. Their expertise ensures you receive comprehensive training based on the latest global trends and techniques.

Advanced Curriculum: Our course is designed to cover every aspect of lash lifting and tinting, providing you with the knowledge to perform these services with confidence. From understanding lash anatomy and product chemistry to mastering application techniques and troubleshooting common issues, we ensure you are fully prepared to meet your clients' needs.

Hands-On Experience: At Lashtique Professional, we emphasize practical learning. Our training includes hands-on sessions where you'll practice on live models, allowing you to perfect your technique under the watchful eye of our expert instructors.

Career Development: Completing our Lash Lift and Tinting Training Course not only expands your service offerings but also enhances your employability and business potential. Stand out in the competitive beauty market with high-demand skills that clients love.

Course Highlights

  • Lash Lift Training: Learn the intricacies of lash lifting, a semi-permanent treatment that curls and elevates the natural lashes, offering an alternative to lash extensions for clients seeking a low-maintenance solution.

  • Lash Tinting Techniques: Gain proficiency in lash tinting, a complementary service that deepens the color of the lashes for enhanced definition and eye-catching results.

  • Safety and Hygiene: Our course thoroughly covers the essential practices of safety and hygiene, ensuring you provide services that not only look great but are also performed in a clean and secure environment.

  • Marketing and Business Tips: Receive valuable advice on how to effectively market your new services and tips for growing your clientele. We share strategies that have helped our trainers and alumni succeed in the beauty industry.


Ideal Candidates

This course is perfect for:

  • Existing beauty professionals seeking to add lash services to their portfolio.

  • Individuals new to the beauty industry looking for a comprehensive start in lash artistry.

  • Salon owners and freelancers aiming to offer the latest beauty treatments and attract more clients.

Enroll Today in Mooloolaba

Set against the beautiful backdrop of the Sunshine Coast, our training facilities provide an ideal learning environment.


Join us at Lashtique Professional in Mooloolaba for our Best Lash Lift and Tinting Training Course, and take the first step towards a lucrative career in lash artistry.

Spaces are limited to ensure personalized attention for each participant. Register now to secure your spot and begin your journey to becoming a certified lash lift and tinting expert.

For more information and to sign up, visit our website or contact Lashtique Professional directly. Elevate your beauty career with our expert-led Lash Lift and Tinting Training Course – where quality education meets professional excellence.

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Course details

All Lashtique Professional short courses come with a Certificate of Completion and a transcript of the units you have completed.

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