Lashtique Eyebrow Feathering / Microblading needles are designed to fit our manual microblading handtools. 


  • Microblading Needle 7 CF
  • Each Piece is Individually Sterile Wrapped
  • Flexible cover for control of Microblading strokes




Elegant yet refined precision and allows for the refinest hair hairstrokes with is essential for creating the finest hair strokes for all eyebrow feathering / microblading professionals. 

C7F, Flexible Needles, Microblading Needles:

7CF Microblading Needles, Flexible Microblading Needles, SPMU Manual Eyebrow Blading Handtool.

7CF Microblading Needle- 30 Pack

7 CF Microblading Needles 30 Pack


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