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Scalp Micropigmentation Course in Melbourne is (SMP) is a very effective option those wanting to learn a variety of scalp micropigmentation techniques. Our SMP training in Melbourne covers many important scalp micropigmentation topics for instances of Alopecia, male and female, thinning hairlines, pattern baldness and scarring on the scalp. Scalp Micropigmentation process is also a very good improvement for clients which have had a hair transplant and for those who require more density, or have scarring from the procedure. The pigments used have been developed for Scalp Micropigmentation are absorbed by the immune system through phagocytosis in a span of two years maximum meaning the results can begin to fade after 6 months. In order to keep the result looking fresh and natural we recommend the clients return once a year for a maintenance application.


Scar Coverage

Most scars can be treated effectively but we always need to make sure the scar tissue is stable and we need to work on it very carefully. Most scars on the scalp are due to previous Hair Transplants (FUE or FUT) but occasionally also other trauma can be the cause of these scars.


The healing process for every individual is different and even in ideal skin conditions scars can unexpectedly change while still healing. We need to understand the different types of scars we might encounter in order to be able to asses if we can work on them or not.

Hair Loss Solution

Scalp Micropigmentation in Melbourne is rapidly growing in popularity as a treatment for hair loss. It is a perfect solution for hair simulation on its own or in combination with a Hair Transplant where it can increase the appearance of density. The technique we use requires that the special pigment is placed as micro dots (smaller than 1mm in size) and distributed correctly. The technique and products we have developed will offer you the best tool possible to create natural looking follicles.

Density Effect

The Density Effect is only possible if there is enough hair left on the scalp. A density effect can only be used if the amount of hair in the area to be treated is sufficient enough and the right length according to the rest of the hair in order to remain a natural look. When the difference is too big between the area to be treated and the area with hair the result will look unnatural. In this case we would advise the client to choose the Shaved Effect.


Shaved Effect

If there is not enough hair to work with the Density Effect the only option for the client is to choose the Shaved Effect. Many men already adopt a shaved look to minimise the appearance that they are balding.


The most innovative course in the Scalp Micropigmentation tattoo training industry!

Lashtique's Scalp Micropigmentation Course is delivered in Melbourne, VIC and throughout Victoria in Beauty Salons From Melbourne city, Geelong, Bendigo, Ballarat, Mornington, Frankston and other locations on request. 


The Scalp Micropigmentation course is the foundation of any brow artists career, in which students will learn fundamental Scalp Micropigmentation techniques, including creating individual hair follicles and individual  hair strokes techniques.

This is the best Scalp Micropigmentation courses in Melbourne, VIC and throughout Victoria in Beauty Salons From Melbourne city, Geelong, Bendigo, Ballarat, Mornington, Frankston and other locations on request. 


You will learn the skills and techniques to produce the most natural looking hair and hairlines


Lashtique's Melbourne Scalp Micropigmentation Courses offer flexible payment plans so students can pay the balance in easy instalments. Students are provided with ongoing support as well as a highly internationally recognised certificate upon completion of this course.

Lashtique's Melbourne's Scalp Micropigmentation training renowned, this fantastic microblading training teaches you much more than the basics, we offer additional knowledge not taught in regular SMP tattooing courses. With the essential breakdown of Scalp Micropigmentation and techniques behind it, We believe anything less is just not enough to absolutely nail these techniques.

So whether you are learning only Scalp Micropigmentation in Melbourne or it is in additional to microblading, you can rest assured you’re getting the most up to date and innovative curriculum the industry has to offer.

Brow Microblading Course is delivered and in  Beauty Salons From Melbourne, VIC and throughout Victoria in Beauty Salons From Melbourne city, Geelong, Bendigo, Ballarat, Mornington, Frankston and other locations on request. 




The Lashtique SMP course in Melbourne runs over  3 intensive consecutive days (full time). 

As part of the course cost you will receive the scalp micro pigmentation kit which means that you will be able to start offering smp services straight away upon completion of the course.

Upon completion you will be a fully equipped scalp micropigmentation technician and be able to add this in-demand treatment to your service menu or freelance business.




Scalp Micropigmentation Courses are now run through our sister company Institute of Ink.


Alternative  dates available for in-salon training.

  • Delivery Mode: Facility

  • Course Duration: 3 Days full time 

  • Assessments:

    • Written Theory Exam

    • Practical Assessment

  • Qualification: Statement of Attendance



  • You will need to be at least 18 years old to enroll in this course.

We need a minimum of 7 days notice for all enrollments and training can book 3 months ahead. Once you’ve confirmed a date you must pay a non-refundable 10% deposit The remaining amount is due 7 days prior to your course.


One big innovative course. Our aim? To prepare you to transform into a highly skilled certified SMP artist and to step into a thriving career business and into a lucrative career and it all starts from the moment you register.

This training gets you prepared for a rewarding new calling that enables you to transform so many clients helping them gain more self-confidence and self-esteem.


Our Lashtique educators will walk you through every stage of SMP from essential consultation appointments, design, selecting the correct SMP treatment and number of treatments required to correcting and refining your technique as you transition from a simulated practice environment to working on live models, colour retention and trouble shooting.

You will leave this training with a fantastic portfolio and the skills to reach new heights as an SMP artist and entrepreneurship.