lips semi -permanent  Micro-pigmentation transform and enhance thin lips, also for lips that have lost shape and fullness with age, creating an amazing shape . Perfect for ones that have lost colour, scars or need a correction due to uneven lips

After the area is numbed, a pigment is selected from a huge range of beautiful colours according with the clients needs, to either blend with your natural lip colour or to match your favorite cosmetic lip colour. Today many clients prefer not to have a lip liner but a smoother, symmetrical shaped mouth with the colour blushed in to avoid harsh dated lines.

Every one takes to cosmetic tattooing of the lips differently.

Tattooing lips uses the implanting of colour into a muscle so it is different from the skin tattooing. People who weep and bleed a lot will not hold onto the colour as well. Some people may require more sessions to get coverage but it all depends on your lips.

Lips Micro-pigmentation is minimum two steps process: the initial appointment and a touch up after 6- 8 weeks 

How long does it take ?

The Initial procedure will take around 2 hours which included consultation, anaesthetics application, and tattooing. and the touch up after 6-8 weeks  is about 2 hour.

Healing Time 

After the procedure, Lips will take two weeks to complete heal, during this time you will apply medic cream 2-3 times a day avoiding swimming pools, saunas, steams rooms, also make up in the area during the healing process. 


How long does it last for?

It last up to 2 years as everyone will respond differently depend of type the skin and life style,. We recommend to get a touch up after a year to freshen up the colour. 

Does it hurts ?

Not usually, everyone has different levels of sensitive so topical anesthetics are apply before and during the treatment alleviate any sensation or discomfort.


Who can not get Microblading tattoo?

Unfortunately can not have any tattoos or cosmetic tattooing during pregnancy or breastfeeding time. and anyone under 18 years old


Lip liner Microblading $395

Touch up (5 - 8 weeks) $195

Touch up (before 12 months) $295

Touch up (after 12 months) $350



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