Unfortunately despite all measures being taken to look after our team and clients we have to temporarily close our doors to help Australia keep COVID-19 under control.

Our salon in Brisbane (Bulimba)  delivers premier eyelash extension, brow sculpting and brow feathering / feather touch tattooing in luxury.  Surround yourself with elite experts lash extension and brow sculpting /feathering professionals, elite National trainers and absolute indulgence. When offering only these specialist services, our clientele can be confident that we are concentrating all of our skills and knowledge in the one area.

Lashtique Professional is a well respected international brand offering a premier range of both retail and professional  eyelash extensions, eyebrow sculpting and feather touch tattooing products in store, online and to salons around the globe. 

Book in now for your one on one consultation with one of our Nationally Accredited Lashtique Professional.

We offer the following services;

EYELASH EXTENSIONS                                      BROW SCULPTING

  • Classic                                                          Brow sculpting without tinting

  • Volume                                                         Brow Sculpting with tinting

  • Hybrid                                                           Henna

  • Lash Lifts & Lash tinting                            Brow Sculpting Packages





  • Hair lines             Thinning hair

  • Aleopecia             Scar Coverage

  • Baldness              Receding Hair

EYELASH EXTENSIONS                                    Classic                                                         Volume                                                         Hybrid                                                          Lash Lifts & Lash tinting     

Lash Extensions.png


Brow sculpting without tinting

Brow Sculpting with tinting                    Henna

Brow Sculpting Packages

Brow Microblading Brisbane .png
Lip Microblading.png
Eyeliner Microblading.png

Terms & Conditions

ARRIVAL TIME    Whilst we would love you to stay as long as you like, we do ask that you arrive to your appointments on time. Due to   the demand for our services, unfortunately we cannot extend the scheduled time beyond what was   booked due to other guests having appointments also. If you are running late – that’s fine, just let us know and we will   do the best we can in the time we have allocated. J

CANCELLATION   Lashtique strictly requires 24 hours notice for all appointment changes and cancellations. If appointment changes or   cancellations happen within 24hours of your appointment a 50% surcharge of the appointment booking may be charged   to your credit card.

EYELASH EXTENSIONS  All guests booked in for any eyelash extensions MUST remove any mascara entirely prior to any eyelash extension   appointments. Cosmetics on the lashes will reduce the eyelash extension adhesive forming the strong bond need for   longer lasting eyelash extensions.

EYELASH EXTENSION   We take every measure to ensure all our products and procedure we use and the after care products we recommend  REFILLS      result in longer lasting eyelash extension results. The aftercare however is up to you. It is critical NOT to get your   eyelash extensions wet or expose to steam, any creams or cosmetics for 48hours after your eyelash extension   appointment, Doing so will greatly effect the long Gevity  or apply near them during this time to allow for the eyelash   extension adhesive to cure completely. If more than the average eyelash extensions are lots, additional charges may   apply.



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Level 1, 3B/204

Oxford Street, Bulimba QLD 4171




Monday                                   9am - 6 pm

Tuesday                                  9am - 6 pm

Wednesday                             9am -  6 pm

Thursday                                9am - 6 pm

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   Saturday                                  9am - 2:30pm

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