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Brow Microblading

  • 365Days
  • 49Steps


The Brow Microblading Course will you will be guided through 3 different microblading techniques, hair strokes, shading and combination brows ,which is essential when creating BEAUTIFUL natural brows. But that's not all, you will be guided through in-depth colour theory and learn all about mixing complementary colours - its essential to understand the undertones in pigments and how to recognize different underlying colours, and it gets deeper that that! Design, pre procedure and after care protocols and touch - ups. Your goal is to be a thriving cosmetic tattoo artist and ours is to get you there. Here is how we do it; ​15 Modules taught by Lashtique Professional International educators, that bring that curriculum to life, taking students through step by step how to design, implant pigment correctly into the skin which is crucial, but more importantly, it must be done artfully to achieve a fitting and natural perfect look.

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